WHILE THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF LIQUID NITROGEN, ​our supplier, AirGas, needs empty containers in order to fulfill liquid nitrogen requests. All campus personnel responsible for managing local supplies of liquid nitrogen (LN2) are directed to immediately retrieve and return all empty or near​-empty 230 liter Dewars, which have wheels, and place them in the standard pickup area for AirGas to retrieve daily. Following this action, please make note of current inventory of these supplies. Purchasers should temporarily order LN2 in 180 liter Dewars, which do not have wheels and will therefore require a cart. Labs with excess LN2 inventory can transfer local supplies to another UW-Madison lab in need by completing the Transfer Form available in the AirGas catalog through Shop@UW.  For questions about transfer, please contact the local AirGas branch directly at 608-241-1440.