Changes to Shop@UW

Phase 1

Phase 1 was put into effect 09/01/2018 and included changes to the Account Setup and Revision Request process for UW-Madison accounts.

Click here for more information on the new UW-Madison Account Setup and Revision online form.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will be effective starting 11/01/2018 and includes the removal of the default funding tool, changing ship-to addresses in the final cart review screen and purchasing with child accounts from a parent account.

More information on Phase 2 is detailed below.

Phase 3

Phase 3 will be effective 12/01/2018 and includes implementation of a brief, mandatory online Shop@UW User Training for new and existing primary account holders. (Timeframe TBD)

Policy Changes effective 11/01/2018

What’s changing?

Customers will no longer have the ability to revise the address during checkout and all ship-to addresses will have to be pre-approved before they can be used. Multiple approved addresses can be saved for future use.

Suggestions to work with this change:
  • Account updates will have to go through the approval process, regardless of urgency. Notify individuals on approval route prior to submitting request to ensure timely approval.
  • If possible, utilize Reference input rather than adding an entirely new address.
What’s changing?

The Update Default Funding tool will be eliminated. All funding changes will have to be routed through the account revision process to ensure proper approval is granted.

Suggestions to work with this change:
What’s changing?

Currently, parent account holders are able to use their parent account access to place orders on behalf of all child accounts. This presents an internal control risk and this access will be eliminated.

Suggestions to work with this change:
  • Make purchases directly through the Child Account.
  • Create an MD account specifically for “Parent” purchases, using the Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT) to re-allocate funds after the order has been invoiced.