Home Shipping Addresses

We are temporarily allowing MD numbers to add additional shipping addresses to residential or non-UW owned buildings as long as they are requested and approved through the online form. However, please note that some suppliers (Fisher) are unable to deliver to a residential address due the nature of the products they sell and regulatory requirements (Staples products can be shipped to a home address).  Orders placed for MDS Core Stock (that is, items held in inventory in the Verona warehouse) will no longer be shipped to non-UW commercial and residential addresses, even if the MD account has been approved to include that address for deliveries of products from other Shop@UW vendors.  Such items are expressly purchased for business use and must be shipped directly to a University business address.  Distribution to building occupants or other locations following receipt should be arranged in consultation with the facility or building manager. To request an additional address please use the following form https://shopuw.wisc.edu/account-set-up-or-revision-request/.

Please work with your leadership to determine what purchases are appropriate for home/off campus shipping. Our recommendation is that pre-approval be obtained from your leadership before shipping anything off-campus and maintain documentation of business purpose and justification for shipping off-campus (e.g. Working from home during COVID-19 pandemic).