No cost PPE and disinfectants added to Shop@UW for UW-Madison employees

The following items have been added to the MDS Warehouse Corestock and are available at no cost to our UW-Madison campus users. The items can be found in Shop@UW by searching for the item number(s) provided below.

Item Number Description
EOC-KSG-01  3 ply  Isolation Mask (medical) ASTM Level 2 – 50/bx- FOR MEDICAL USE ONLY
EOC-BADGER SEAL-B  Procedure Mask Brace – BADGER SEAL – Type B – 1/EA
EOC538  Hand Sani – SPRAY – First Contact – EACH
EOC-MASK BRACE-M  Procedure Mask Brace – Fix the Mask – MEDIUM – 1/EA
EOC-MASK BRACE-S  Procedure Mask Brace – Fix the Mask – SMALL – 1/EA
EOC-MASK BRACE-L  Procedure Mask Brace – Fix the Mask – LARGE – 1/EA
EOC50010  L&J Mask, face 3 ply ADO, nylon ties – HAND WASHABLE as NEEDED – 20/pk
EOCSTD100G-S  Fabric Mask-UltraSmall Grey – 10/BX
EOC-OXIVIR-EA  Oxivir Disinfectant with Sprayer – EA
EOC-44X059  Condor Pre-moistened Anti-Fog Towelette for Face Shield – 100/PK
EOC50020  L&J Mask, face 3 ply ADO, Ear Loop w/UW Logo – HAND WASHABLE as NEEDED – 20/pk
EOC99104-PK  Ad Madison 4-Ply Fabric Face Mask – 10/Pk
EOCSTD100LG-L  Fabric Mask-Ultra Large Grey – 10/BX
EOCSTD100W-S  Fabric Mask-Ultra Small-White – 10/BX
EOC-28MI-TOUGH TOWN  Hand Sani – 28 Mile Tough Town – 16oz – EACH
EOC15029564  Enpac – 8 oz Bottles 75% Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
EOC-BADGER SEAL-A  Procedure Mask Brace – BADGER SEAL – Type A – 1/EA
EOC15949  Disinfectant Wipes – MISC Brand, 35 -100 CT Tubs or Re-sealable packs – 1/EA
EOC-OXIVIR-WIPE  Disinfectant Wipes – OXIVIR Pre-moistened package – 160 CT – 1/EA
EOCVWR-S  VWR Nitrile Gloves Small – 100/box
EOCVWR-XS  VWR Nitrile Gloves Extra Small – 100/box
EOCFS-XS  Freestyle 1100  Nitrile Gloves – XS – 100/box
EOCPT-S  Premium Touch Nitrile Gloves Small – 100/box
EOCMF-S  MicroFlex Supreno SE Nitrile Gloves Small – 100/box
EOC2700-PF  Nitrile Gloves Small – 200/box
EOCVWR-L  VWR Nitrile Gloves Large – 100/box
EOC2701-PF  Nitrile Gloves Medium – 200/box
EOCVWR-XL  VWR Nitrile Gloves Extra Large – 100/box
EOC-VWR30000-M  Nitrile Gloves 30000 Series VWR Source – Medium – 100/Box
EOC100M  Nitrile Gloves Misc – Medium – 100qty
EOC100XL  Nitrile Gloves Misc – X-Large – 100qty
EOC100L  Nitrile Gloves Misc – Large – 100qty
EOCDPPS  Face Shield – DPPS – 5/Pack
EOC-OXIVIR TOWEL-EA  Clean Choice Disinfectant Solution Paper Towel – Roll – EA
EOCGPMASK  Gen Purpose Procedure Mask – 50/BOX