Parent Accounts

How to request a new or edit an existing parent account?

UW-Madison Campus Only

UW Madison has a new online form.  Please see the below for how the form works

Parent Account Request Form

Outer Campuses

Download the PDF form to your computer; 1) right-click on the link, 2) save the form, and 3) open the file in a PDF Viewer (Adobe is recommended).
Outer Campuses Parent Account Request Form

How does the UW Madison form work?

  1. Requester completes the application and clicks submit.  Here is an example of a completed application
  2. The manager listed on the request will receive an email with a link to the approval portal
  3. The supervisor will review the request and if all the information is correct they will then select Approve.  The supervisor must approve the request before it is sent to the CFO for approval.
  4. The CFO or CFO designee will receive an email with a link to their approval portal
  5. If the CFO/CFO designee approves the application then a confirmation email will be sent to the Requester.