Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As some departments prepare to return to on-campus activities in the coming days and weeks, please note some of the PPE items that were available on a limited basis can now be ordered directly by end users through Shop@UW or by request using the EOC PPE request form. These items are listed below.

Brands of these items may vary unless specified.  These items are available for COVID-19 response related activities and are expected to be provided at no cost until inventory is depleted.

PPE items available through Shop@UW:

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Item Number Item Description
EOC82026-428 EACH Nitrile Gloves Large – 100/box
EOC82026-430 EACH Nitrile Gloves X-Large – 100/box
EOC82026-426 EACH Nitrile Gloves Medium – 100/box
EOC300-S Nitrile Gloves Small – 300/box
EOC300-XL Nitrile Gloves X-Large – 300/box
EOC300-M Nitrile Gloves Medium – 300/box
EOC2702-PF Nitrile Gloves Large – 200/box
EOC2703-PF Nitrile Gloves X-Large – 200/box
EOC300-L Nitrile Gloves Large – 300/box
EOC82026-423 EACH Nitrile Gloves X-Small – 100/box
EOC82026-424 EACH Nitrile Gloves Small – 100/box
EOC2700-PF Nitrile Gloves Small – 200/box
EOC2701-PF Nitrile Gloves Medium – 200/box
EOC100L Nitrile Gloves MISC – Large – 100qty
EOC100XS Nitrile Gloves MISC – X-Small – 100qty
EOC100M Nitrile Gloves MISC – Medium – 100qty
EOC100S Nitrile Gloves MISC – Small – 100qty
EOC100XL Nitrile Gloves MISC – X-Large – 100qty


Item Number Item Description
EOC100XL-V Vinyl Gloves MISC – X-Large – 100qty
EOC100S-V Vinyl Gloves MISC – Small – 100qty
EOC100L-V Vinyl Gloves MISC – Large – 100qty
EOC100M-V Vinyl Gloves MISC – Medium – 100qty

Safety Glasses

EOC3500-C Safety Glasses – 1/Each

Items available by request:

Please use the EOC PPE request form

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Disinfect Spray

Face Shields

Gowns/Lab Coats


Hand Sanitizer